Great Teachers:

ACTS Preschool strives to give the best to its extended family, the children and the parents. To start with, our teachers are trained in the programs before they are let to handle the children.

Team Behind the Teachers:

ACTS Preschool constantly researches and adopts new things in curriculum to meet the latest standards. The School also takes care in providing complete lesson plans, activities and suggestions for every day-for every class.

Safety, Security and Cleanliness:

The entire premises is under CCTV surveillance as management has keen observation to provide safe and secure environment for the children which in turn makes you feel more comfortable. Further, we ensure that every room with any kind of toy or equipment are thoroughly checked and cleaned.

Positive Learning Environment:

Every room is painted with vibrant colors, and the racks are filled with books which are easily accessible for a child, to read features discovery areas for your child to explore. Your child will have fun learning at play time, where everything from chairs to toys is child friendly.

Parent Involvement:

We ensure every parent is aware of their child?s performance monthly syllabus, weekly report by conducting PTM once in every month for better progress of child. Child?s work is uploaded in Facebook to know the child performance.

Nutritious snacks:

At ACTS Preschool we proved nutritious snacks every day on optional base.

Commitment to the highest standards:

Our Center Co-coordinator and teachers averages over 4 years experience - and they are supported by the best network of childcare experience.

6 Days Weekly
9am - 4pm

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