"Our daughter has just completed her second year and we have been so impressed. Her teachers are amazing. The curriculum is given to the parents monthly, which gives us great opportunity to continue the learning at home. The parents are always welcome in the classroom. The school gives many opportunities for families to be involved. We love the hands-on learning and the passion from the teachers!"
--- Ritu
"Excellent daycare. Best in the city that my wife and I could find. First class curriculum, caring teachers, flexible teachers, and the best safety and security."
--- Ahana Parents
"My two girls go to ACTS, and they are thriving there. The teachers are warm and loving, the administrators place a high priority on open communication, and the kids have lots of opportunities for enrichment of all kinds. There is a great deal of outdoor play year-round, but the children also get excellent pre-school prep instruction. I've found good friends among other ACTS parents (and we all know how important that kind of network is). Finally, the overall culture and climate of the school is happy, supportive and positive. It's been great not just for our kids, but for our whole family."
--- Radhika
"Overall, ACTS has provided the highest level of care over all other options, except for staying at home with mommy, of course =). The feel of ACTS is unbeatable in my opinion. The children are at ease and comfortable in their surroundings, the babies (although I'm sure they have their moments) are calm and soothed by peaceful music, and *I* am comfortable there, meaning I absolutely do not feel I need the "security" of video monitoring that we have at the current facility we use. After being at the other place for 2-3 weeks, and with 3 more years of parenting experience under my belt, I have really come to appreciate ACTS good qualities. We are making a deposit and applying the girls tomorrow."
--- Balamurugan
"We just love ACTS--the administrative staff, the teachers, the activities. My daughter really got her nap schedule down pat the very first day of school, after I worried for weeks she would not be able to fit in with the other babies because of her aversion to napping. Nope, she took a two hour nap the very first day. Our daughter loves the teachers, they treat her with love, and they have the cutest activities ever. Splash time twice a week in summer, lots of art projects, flashcards, singing, and open communication. One thing I love about ACTS is that the parents retain the responsibility of preparing the children's food. That means we can include or exclude anything we want, which keeps me on my toes about making sure everything that goes into my baby is healthy. We even got a house right across the street from the school because we plan to be there for a couple years. I also got a job. It's a great place! Teachers are so sweet with the children--I couldn't dream of better child care. Another thing I love is the daily report cards...they tell you everything your child ate, when they had a diaper change, how long they napped, and any other relevant information. I had serious reservations about child care, but ACTS is a school, not a daycare. I know my daughter is learning, not just moseying around waiting for me to pick her up. They really have her best interests in mind, and we appreciate that. Well worth the wait and the price!"
--- Aparna
"Absolutely the best care and fun for kids. My child has attended ACTS since she was 2 years old and is now 4. We now use their summer camp every year and she has a great experience with never a complaint. She enjoys numerous field trips and art projects. Most importantly, she is given tender loving care and disciplined with true respect."
--- Annette Joseph
"I enrolled my daughter in the ACTS program a month ago and we both love it; she can't wait to go each morning. The teachers are highly qualified and very sweet and caring. The curriculum is both educational and entertaining and everyone we know who has used ACTS (either part or full time) has been able to enroll their children in the after school program."
--- Deepika
"My son has attended since he was 8 months. Now he is 2 years. He absolutely loves his teachers. It is a very nurturing & personable environment. He has learned his letters, shapes, numbers and some English words. He has learned good habits and discipline as well. We are sad that we have to move from the Hyderabad and from the school. None of the schools we've toured in far compare."
--- Kuldeepsingh
"My son is going on his second year at ACTS. I am so impressed with the school and the staff. The philosphy of the school is amazing. The teachers truly care about the kids. I would highly recommend the school to parents."
"ACTS is a good preschool and offered my children a safe environment. The thing I liked about the school was that it offered both a full time program and a part time program. There was not always the best communication at the school, but that is something that they worked to fix this past year. Teacher turnover can be a problem at times. However, in the past several years the quality of teacher has improved. Many of my children's teachers were college students who were majoring in early childhood education. They brought that education to the classroom. This made the learning process that much greater. I always felt my childen were learning something that would help them on the road to kindergarten. Our family have made great friendships at ACTS and have been very happy there."
---- Jaishrie
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