Campus Life

Physical Environment:

  • The premises are clean, well it, usually with adequate natural lighting, adequately ventilated and maintained in a suitable place of repair and decoration.
  • The premises are for the sole use of the facility during the hours of operation.
  • There is access to a telephone on the premises.
  • Rooms are maintained at an adequate temperature.

Staff facilities:

There is an area where confidential information and necessary records can be kept and where staff my talk to parents confidentially. There are separate toilet facilities for adult, staff have a room or area available for breaks, a way from areas being used by children.


Normally there is a kitchen which is adequately equipped to serve meals and snacks for children and staff on the premises. The kitchen conforms to environment health, hygiene and food safety requirements children do not have access to the kitchen unless it is being used solely for a supervised children's activity.

Laundry Facilities:

A separate laundry is provided or adequate arrangements made launder nursery linen. Where laundry facilities are provided on site, children are not allowed access. Arrangements are made to ensure that an adequate supply of clean bedding, towels, spare clothes etc.. are always available. Furniture, equipment and toys are provided which are appropriate for their purpose and help to create an accessible and stimulating environment.

Safety & Security:

The premises and outside play area secure and children are not able to leave them unsupervised. We have an effective system for managing access to the premises, ensure that it is used, and keeps a record of visitors. In the event of a child being lost or not collected there is a clearly defined procedure to be followed.

Fire Safety:

There are clearly defined procedures for emergency evacuation of the building which include any special measures to be taken where children are located above or below ground level. Known to all staff and fire drills are carried out periodically. Fire doors are not obstructed and fire exits are clearly identifiable and easily opened from the inside.


The premises and equipments are clean. All staff are informed and aware of the importance of good hygiene practice in order to prevent the spread of infection. Children are encouraged to learn about personal hygiene through the daily routine.


Any animals on the premises are safe to be in the proximity of children and do not pose a health risk.


Sandpit are protected from contamination and the sand is clean.

Food Handling:

Those responsible for the preparation and handling of food are fully made aware on food safety and hygiene.



Medicines are stored in their original containers, clearly labled and inaccessible to children; Medicines are not usually administered unless they have been prescribed for that child by a doctor; the parent gives prior written permission to administer any medication written records book are kept of all medicines administered to children and parent sign the record book to acknowledge the entry, if the administration of prescription medicines requires technical/medical knowledge then individual training is provided for staff from a qualified health professional training is specific to the individual child concerned.

First Aid:

There is first aid box, the contents of which will be determined in the first aid training course and are checked frequently and replace as necessary. This is kept in an accessible place out of the reach of children. A record is maintained signed by the parent of any accidents.

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