Do you remember?

We are learning... to Learn! Could you imagine? Walking up to an beautiful building and finding yourself entering a world of creativity and learning? You notice children dressed up role playing as firefighters, parents and teachers. You see children listening intently to stories as they read along. You hear young voices counting in Spanish and more happy voices learning the rhythmic principles behind the songs they sing.

Do you remember? Your teachers once read stories to you in a circle before nap time. You created toy houses from Popsicle sticks. You finger-painted a picture of your family on a big white sheet of butcher paper. You proudly brought a handprint turkey home to your parents at Thanksgiving. You played, learned, and made lifelong neighborhood friends.

Can you visualize? These two realities blending enabling your child to experience the ideal preschool. It's closer than you think!

  • We are open
  • We are transparent and honest
  • We demand excellence
  • We honour our commitments
  • We are collaborative
6 Days Weekly
10:00 am - 1:30pm

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+040 5244000